Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lego 8833 - Series 8 Minifigures

Pictures of the new series of Lego Minifigures has just been released, and a lot sooner that everyone thought, considering the limited edition Olympic ones have only been out for a couple of months. For me, that takes a little of the excitement out of it, but not a whole lot. Here's a list of the new figs; (these may not be the real names, so don't get attached to them)

  • Business Man (Briefcase and newspaper)
  • Football Player (Trophy)
  • Red Cheerleader (Red/white pom poms, would go well with S1 Cheerleader)
  • Space Overlord (Gun, awesome purple cape, although this is the 7th space themed fig so far)
  • Conquistador (fencing sword, if that's what you call it)
  • Robot (Same gun as S3 Cyborg, Evil opposite of S1 Robot, 8th space themed fig)
  • Stereotypical German Boy (Pretzel, can see the pretzel making appearances in future bakeries)
  • Fairy (Wings and Wand)
  • Cowgirl (Lasso, looking forward to that hat/hair combo)
  • DJ (Record and Record Sleeve, works in conjunction with S2 Disco Dancer)
  • Vampire Bat (Wings under arms, most likely attached via back)
  • Diver (Harpoon, love the helmet, seems to have a clear front, although similar to that of S5 Gladiator)
  • Pirate (Shiny gold Sword and Hook Hand, looks like it could be inspired by Blackbeard)
  • Skier (Skis and Poles, although I think she needs a helmet)
  • Santa (Sack, really nice hat)
  • Shakespeare (Skull, whatever that neck thing is called. Head looks extremely similar to S4 Musketeer)

  • The few figs that jump out at me, would have to be the Space Overlord, for the head and cape, I can't get over how awesome that is, The Fairy and the Skier, just for the oddly coloured pieces, and last but not least, the DJ, mainly because I see a little of myself in him.

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    1. Yes, 'Stereotypical German Boy' will definitely be the Lego's proper name.